A Guide To Twitch Bits: How To Get Them, How To Use Them, And Why They Matter


Twitch Bits are the native currency on Twitch. While streamers can already earn money through channel subscriptions or donations, Twitch Bits offer a slightly different way to earn money through your stream. Bits work in all Partner and Affiliate streams and let your viewers add fun emotes and animations when they cheer with bits. In this article we will explain what Twitch Bits are, how you use them, how you can earn them, and how they are different than a regular donation. 

What Are Twitch Bits?

Twitch Bits are a virtual currency exclusive to the Twitch platform. You can think of them as a buying a gift card to twitch, and once you have purchased them, you can use them to "cheer" your favorite streamers in their chat. When you use your Bits to cheer, you are essentially donating to the streamer. This is all done through the Twitch chat interface, and does not require you to use an external payment service like PayPal. When you donate Bits, the entire dollar amount value of Bits donated goes directly to the streamer. This means that if you donate 100 Bits, the streamer receives a full $1.00 (the USD equivalent).

Cheering in a streamer's chat with Bits also gives your message an extra "boost" in the form of a highlighted message and special animations in chat. Bits also have chat badges associated with them that can be obtained by cheering certain amounts. These badges will display next to a user's name in chat once they have obtained it.

How To GET Twitch Bits

For a Twitch user to get Bits, they can purchase them from the official Twitch page. You can pay with PayPal or Amazon Checkout after selecting the amount of Bits you would like to purchase. Once you have purchased your Bits, you can then use them to cheer in any stream you wish!

While buying Bits is definitely the fastest way to get them, it is also possible to receive Twitch Bits for free!

Note: Each Twitch account is limited to 250,000 Bits at any one time!

FREE TWITCH BITS - Watching Ads For Bits

If you do not want to spend money on Bits but still want to cheer on and donate to your favorite streams, you can instead watch ads from Twitch in exchange for some Bits.

To do this, enter any streamer's chat that has Bits enabled and look for the small Bits icon in the chatbox.

Click the Get Bits button at the bottom of the menu. If you are eligible to receive Bits from ads, you will see a button that says Watch Ad. Clicking this button will launch a short video ad. Once you have watched the entire ad, you will get a notification on Twitch letting you know that you have had more Bits added to your inventory!

Note: You may only earn Twitch Bits by watching ads via the desktop Twitch site.


If you are tired of manually re-buying Bits, you can always enable the Bits Auto-refill feature. In order to do this, you account must have 2FA enabled. You can enable 2FA on your Twitch account here

To set up auto-refill, you will need to visit the Setup Auto-refill page here. Select the balance at which you want your Bits to automatically refill, and then select the amount of Bits that you would like to be automatically refilled for you. Then you can continue your checkout just as you would normally buying Twitch Bits.

auto-refill twitch bits

The next time you are running low on Bits, they will automatically be purchased for you and added to your Twitch account inventory!

Using Twitch Bits As A Viewer

When you use Bits in a stream, it is called Cheering. There are two ways that you can start using your Bits to cheer a streamer.

You can use the Bits button in the chat window to open the Cheering menu. This will allow you to select a Cheermote, the number of Bits you wish to use, and a message to send along with it!

The other way to use your Bits is to simply type "cheer" followed by the amount of Bits you wish to use. For example, to cheer with 100 Bits you would type in chat:


You can also type this multiple times in a message to cheer multiple times. However, you will not be able to select a custom Cheermote when you use your Bits this way. The only emote that will display is the original Bits gem emote associated with the amount of Bits used.

Note: If you make a typo when cheering, you have a 5 second countdown timer to cancel your cheer and fix your mistake.

When you cheer using Bits, your message gets extra attention drawn to it due to the highlighted message, Cheermote and animation next to it. However some people may want to remain anonymous when cheering. It is possible to do this by selecting Cheer Anonymously option when you use your Bits. 

All anonymous Bits will appear as a cheer from AnAnonymousCheerer. However you should be aware that when cheering anonymously, you cannot include emotes or messages and your Bits will not count towards Bits Badges or Top Cheerer Leaderboards.


If you are an affiliated or partnered streamer, you have the ability to accept Bits and enable Cheering in your chat. To view and edit these settings, you can go to the Bits & Cheering section of your settings page. Here, you can view and edit your Bits threshold settings, your Cheer badge settings, Cheermotes settings and Cheer Leaderboard settings.


This setting allows you set the minimum number of Bits that must be spent in order for a viewer to Cheer in your chat room. This can be especially helpful if you have a very active chat and want to reduce the spam from low-amount Bits. For example, you can set the minimum number of Bits for your channel to 100, which means your viewers cannot must Cheer with 100 or more Bits.


In this section, you can choose which Cheer badges will be enabled and displayed in your channel. Cheer Badges are viewer badges that are associated with how many Bits they use to Cheer. When users reach a certain threshold of Bits, they unlock a new Bit Badge that they can display next to their username in your chat. All Cheer badges are enabled by default, but you are able to customize which badges you want displayed in your channel.


Here you are able to add custom Cheermotes (custom emotes that are available to use when Cheering in chat). These are similar to subscriber emotes, except they are used when Cheering in a chat. Each Cheermote is assigned to a tier of Bits used, and are progressively more animated. The tiers of Bits used for unlocked each Cheermote is: 1, 100, 1000, 5000 and 10000. 

Note: Custom Cheermotes are currently only available to Partnered streamers.


Here you are able to edit your Top Cheerers/Bits Leaderboard settings. If you have enabled Top Cheerers in your channel, you can choose to show the top 3 Cheerers for either the week, monthly or all-time. The usernames of your top Cheerers will stay pinned to the top of your chat, along with the amount of Bits they cheering with. Your other viewers can also click on the Top Cheerers Leaderboard and view their own ranking and number of total Bits cheered.

twitch bits to usd conversion

Twitch Bits range in cost from $1.4 for 100 Bits to $10 for 1,000 Bits. They can be purchased in the following increments: 100, 500, 1000, 1500, 5000, 10000, or 25000. The more Bits that are purchased, the greater the discount. For example, you will not receive any discount for buying 100 Bits, but can receive up to a 10% discount for purchasing 10,000 Bits.

For a full breakdown of current Bits pricing, reference our chart below:

Bits Amount


100 Bits


500 Bits


1,000 Bits


1,500 Bits


5,000 Bits


10,000 Bits


25,000 Bits


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