4 Best Microphones For Streaming (Updated 2018 Review)


If you're looking to bring your stream quality to the next level, one of the first places you should focus on is your audio setup. A good quality mic can really make a lot of difference for your stream. Talking is the primary way of interacting with your chat, and if you have poor quality audio, then your viewers may not stick around very long.

There are tons of microphone options on the market. So how do your know which is the best microphone for streaming on Twitch? We looked at the top​ contenders and found the best "bang for your buck" options that will take your stream quality to new heights. Let's check out the contenders!


The Top 4 Mics For Streaming

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Desktop / Mountable




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The Best Mic For Streaming

If you're new to the world of audio, you should definitely read our comprehensive guide on how to choose the correct microphone for streaming. We go in depth on the various factors that you need to think about when buying a microphone. Click the image below to view our in depth article!


In that article, we explored the different features of a microphone and what effect they can have on your audio. The microphones we reviewed here take all of those factors into account, while also trying to be good "general use" microphones.

The mics we reviewed here will work great for 99% of streamers. However if you are doing certain types of content that require a specialized audio setup, we encourage you to do some research and find out exactly what you need to suit your setup.

Now, on to the reviews of the top four streaming microphones!​


Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Mic

Our #1 pick is the AT2020. This might not shock a lot of people - it is frequently recommended and with good reason. This microphone bring amazing quality for a fair price and can really punch above it's weight when compared to more expensive options.


Form factor: It can be mounted on a desk using the tripod legs, or more commonly mounted on a swing arm or shock mount.​

Connection type: The AT2020 connects over standard USB.

Pros: Amazing sound quality. Cardioid condenser mic means it pics up sound at any angle quite well. Headphone jack to monitor sound without delay.

Cons: The most pricey option out there. Built in tripod stand has no shock mount and can be flimsy.​


Blue Yeti

The #2 spot goes to the Blue Yeti. Another very common name in the world of consumer microphones. The Blue Yeti is a strong contender with nice features such as gain adjustment knob and mute button on the mic. It's price to performance ratio is pretty great too, with sales sometimes moving this microphone into sub-$100 ranges.


Form factor: It can be mounted on a desk using the built in stand, or mounted on a swing arm or shock mount.​

Connection type: The Blue Yeti connects over standard USB.

Pros: Good sound quality for the price, especially when on sale. Pattern selection allows you to choose between cardioid, bidirectional or omnidirectional patterns. Gain control and mute buttons. 

Cons: For just a few more dollars, the superior AT2020 can be purchased. Large and heavy for some arm mounts. Can be hard to find a mount that properly fits.


AntLion ModMic (Unidirectional)

Our #3 spot goes to the AntLion ModMic. This is a great option for budget-conscious streamers looking to upgrade from their headset microphone. It is extremely affordable and provides pretty decent audio quality. While it isn't professional grade, it will definitely make your streams a lot more pleasant to listen to. The clip-on style is convenient as well.


Form factor: Mounts to headphones.

Connection type: The ModMic connects over a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Pros: Very affordable while still providing decent audio quality. Small and convenient to use with your own headphones. Uses a 3.5mm audio jack connection.

Cons: Not mind-blowing audio quality. Requires headphones to attach to.


Zalman ZM-Mic1 Clip On Mic

The last spot goes to the Zalman ZM-Mic1. This little clip on mic is the cheapest of them all - often under $10! However despite the rock bottom price tag it will still be an upgrade for most headset microphone users. The clip on style is nice if you're an earbuds or speaker user as well.


Form factor: Clip on.

Connection type: The ZM-Mic1 connects over a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

Pros: Dirt cheap price. Easily clips to shirt or headphone cable.

Cons: The lowest audio quality out of all the options. Clips can be flimsy.

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